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Here I am, Send Me

      In Luke 5:10 Jesus said to his disciples, "Don't be afraid; from now on you will fish for people."  Jesus wants us to be fishers of men.  He wants me to have a "here am I, send me" attitude when I am with my teammates, at school, or in my neighborhood.  

      First, there are many opportunities for me to do good around my teammates.  I can walk like Christ and be a model example for them to follow.  Using clean language, controlling my temper, and showing good sportsmanship are all ways of walking like Christ.  This will go along way in encouraging others to follow Him. 

      Second, I can go out into my school and let my light shine.  I will demonstrate a hard work ethic and be a friend to those who need one.  I will socialize with everyone, not discriminating against anyone.  Even Jesus ate with the sinners.  Therefore, I will lead by example.       

     Third, I can go into the neighborhood and help the elderly.   I can talk with my elderly neighbors, offering them companionship, and praying with them.  In addition, I can offer my services for tasks they can no longer do.  For example,  I can mow their yard and rake their leaves.

     In conclusion, I will have a "here am I, send me" attitude.  I will go out into the world and by example be a fisher of men.